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About the Curly Flat Western Pinot Noir 2021

As with our inaugural 2018 Western Pinot Noir, our 2021 has been sourced from within our coolest viticultural sites.  Planted in 1997 & 1998 these blocks now form the fragrant peak of Curly Flat Pinot Noir.  Eastern facing and situated on a rising slope to the west, the upper areas receive the morning to midday sun but receive only dappled light come late afternoon, providing for slower ripening and greater retention of aromatics. While the majority of soils in this area are geologically young volcanic red soils, select parcels find themselves situated in soils eroded from an ancient seafloor dating back 430 million years.  We call this area ‘white dirt’ due to its noticeably lighter appearance.  Ultimately these wines present in varying shades but each shares beautiful aromatics imbued with a powerful fruit drive that’s densely packed with fine talc-like tannins. We bottle a small portion from these blocks separately to showcase both its uniqueness and its importance to the Curly Flat Pinot Noir Estate blend.

Vintage 2021

On paper, 2021 reads as a cooler  year, but our vines couldn’t have been happier. With warm days calmly weaving throughout the crisp season, our vines would say it wasn’t too hot or cold, but just right.  The average summer temperature of 26 degrees sums up that gentle heat perfectly.  With veraison taking place in February well past the heat peak of January, a cool, not cold, March allowed for a powerful, slow ripening platform to take shape. Harvest commenced in early April after a useful warm spell over Easter, which saw the delivery of powerfully rich yet restrained fruit.  In terms of rainfall, our highest totals came in October and January which only served to bolster our soils at key growing phases.  February was quite dry which allowed for concentration amongst the bunches.  and the moderate rainfall received in March we received moderate rainfall that simply refreshed the vines as they calmly approached fruition.  In summary, it was a dream growing year that we liken to 2012, one of our best.

From the winery

Our 2021 Western Pinot Noir is sourced entirely from one extra special patch from our 1998 planted Western block.    We call this parcel ‘white dirt’, a distinctly elegant expression of Curly Flat, with vines raising from 430 million year old Ordovician soils, which were formed upon ancient sea floor.  This area is also a much cooler site as its easterly aspect receives morning and midday sun before falling into afternoon shade. The combination of these distinct elements forms a perfumed fragrance, supple red fruits, and talc-like textures.  No new oak to celebrate the distinct fragrance, along with 18% whole bunch.  Matured in both 300 & 500 litre barrels.

Harvest date8th April 2021
Clones used114
Vine age23 years
Soil typeOrdovician (degraded sandstone)
Fruit HandlingHand picked
Titratable acidity g/L5.8
Malic acidity g/L<0.05
Baume / Alcohol13.9%
% whole bunch18%
Malolactic fermentation100%
Second fill24%
Third fill76%
Maturation14 months
Fining / filtrationNo & no
Available formats750ml (limited!)
AvailableDirect only