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A new label that is a home for our young vines, blended with fruit from older vines, until they are ready to join the main estate label Pinot Noir.

From the vineyard

Due to receiving both the wettest and coolest spring since our vines have been in production, 2023 was unique from the get-go.  A prolific 423mm was received between September and November compared to the 100-year average of 196mm, over twice the average spring rainfall that at least kept the usual frosts away!  Thankfully the soils of our vineyard drain well, and our vineyard team managed this spell extremely well.  In summer, the rains eased dramatically and remained well below the average until March.   As for temperatures, each month of the 2023 growing season was cooler than usual, so it was a season of true slow ripening culminating in a harvest where patience was rewarded with fine yet powerful flavours. With harvest beginning in mid-April, 2023 now stands as a beautifully fragrant vintage, blessed with vibrancy and depth of flavour that’s neatly tucked into a beautifully elegant medium-bodied frame that shrugs off the trickier season from which it came.

About Neogene Pinot Noir

The majority of Curly Flat Vineyard is located on soils derived from the rare and unique lava deposits of the Neogene period, originating from a volcano 2.7 km south of the vineyard, 3 million years ago.

Neogene from Curly Flat represents a selection of Pinot Noir sourced exclusively from these geologically young & fertile red soils.  Translating from Latin as ‘newborn’, the name Neogene has a parallel meaning as at the core of this label is fruit sourced from our next generation of vines first planted in 2019.  Future vintages of this label will consist of fruit sourced from our 2020, 2021, and 2022 plantings, and presently, will be accompanied by select parcels sourced from the same young volcanic red soils that are home to older vines.

In time these younger vines will join the Curly Flat Estate Pinot Noir, but what will be is for another day as today we celebrate this vinous collaborative celebration of Curly Flat vines young and old which not represents not only our ongoing commitment to quality and value but is also an invitation to join us on the journey of our young vines from it’s very beginning.  Enjoy it while it lasts!


Harvest date14th - 19th April 2023
Clones usedMV6, 115, 114 & D5V12
RootstockTeleki 5C
Vine age4 to 24 years
TrellisVSP, Lyre trellis & GDC
Soil typeVolcanic Basalt
Fruit Handling100 % destemmed
Titratable acidity g/L5.8
Malic acidity g/Lnil
Baume / Alcohol12.5%
% whole bunch0%
Malolactic fermentationFull
Second fill8%
Third fill84%
Maturation9 months
Fining / filtrationNo fining / unfiltered
Available formats750ml