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Other vintages

Each cellar release pack contains one bottle each of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 Curly Flat Chardonnay.

About the seasons


An overall warmer season, outside of a cooler than average December and March.  Rainfall was overall lower than usual for all months (Sep-Apr).  White stone fruits & lemon curd mesh with grapefruit acid drive and is only emboldened by the spice of 50% new oak and savoury impact of 50% malolactic fermentation.


 Our second warmest growing year behind 2007, along with low rainfall akin to the prior 2015 season led to a more powerful and concentrated expression. Riper yellow stone fruit spectrum along with citrus peel combine with vanillin spice of 37% new oak while the more restrained 20% MLF enlivens the palate with vibrant acidity.


Here we see a return to a cooler and wetter season, especially for the Spring. Summer swayed with its heat starting with a warm December, to a cool February than back to our warmest March on record.  Crisp white peach & nectarines, lemon zest, and wood spice driven by 35% new oak that lends to the mineral textured backbone enriched by 65% MLF.


 A return to warmer growing season but ultimately one that provides for richness and elegance in the same glass.  A warm spring and summer along with moderate to good rainfall set up were then met by a cooler autumn to finish the season almost perfectly.  Rich white peach, ripe grapefruit, and citrus drive that’s gently framed by the 20% new oak. The expansive, creamy palate glows with minerality and richness of 65% MLF.


Another warm season with December & January seeing above average heat along with a slightly warmer March.  Other months either saw average warmth or just below.  Rainfall was scarce where we received 41mm between January and April (average is 184mm!).  The combined effect of this warmth and dryness, along with 35% new oak and 65% MLF, has led to a wine of thrilling intensity with its concentrated, fleshy stone fruits along with scintillating length.


Overall 2020 was a cooler year but it did have pockets of decent warmth throughout.   The cooler spring led then to warmer than average December providing with the remaining season providing only gentle warmth.  Rainfall was moderate to below average, outside of a late flourish in March.  The resulting wine is possibly our most balanced release to date with its seemingly seamless triptych of white stone fruits & earthen spice, phenolic grip, and mineral tension with the inputs of 27% new oak and 65% MLF adding further dimension and shape.