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Each 2018 Vineyard six-pack contains two bottles of 2018 Curly Flat Estate Pinot Noir, 2018 CF Central Pinot Noir & 2018 CF Western Pinot Noir. Bottles are $53 each. We are currently limiting these 6 packs to one pack per customer as to share it amongst our customers.

Great article from Huon Hooke about these wines:
Curly Flat releases its best ever Pinot Noirs

Our words on the Curly Flat Central and Western Pinot Noirs

With the ideal growing conditions of the 2018 vintage, we were inspired to begin bottling separate snapshots to illustrate the compelling differences found within our vineyard. While these parcels are still part of our estate blend, as small standalone bottlings they help dig deeper into the facets behind Curly Flat Pinot Noir.

The two bottlings are called Central & Western; the names representing their vinous location within our estate.

The Central bottling represents the core structure of Curly Flat, while still aromatic is comprised of darker fruits & brooding savoury notes along with a more robust tannin structure. Also, the 2018 Central is comprised solely of our oldest vines planted in 1992.

The Western bottling describes the more fragrant and supple expressions from the coldest sites in our vineyard which ripen late to form powerful, yet distinctly elegant Pinot Noir.

Again these blocks are still represented in our Curly Flat estate wine, we think it’s fascinating to both grower and drinker alike to appreciate the singular complexities that go behind the making, or rather, the growing of Curly Flat Pinot Noir.